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Mill Walk, Warkworth, Northumberland - two miles, scenic, shaded, mainly flat with one optional flight of stairs.
This lovely short and easy walk is featured in the Warkworth Heritage Walks guide book if you have it. Start in Dial Place Warkworth (free parking) and walk down the side of St Lawrence's church towards the river, and bear left. Alternatively drive down the side of the church and park on 'The Stanners', as it is called. This area of the River Coquet is used for picnicking and there are many swans and ducks on the grass expecting to be fed. Lots of dogs are 'off' the lead here but please do watch the cars which can be unpredictable. Continue walking along to the weir and you will see a dog bin. Continue walking along and you will see some benches and a sign saying 'Mill Walk'. No bicycles are allowed on here. It is a shaded walk with benches along the way and lots of wildlife to look at on the river and lots of interesting smells for your dog, it is a very popular walk. As you approach the rowing boat jetty there is another dog bin at the foot of the steep slope up to the castle. Continue past the jetty and you will eventually come to a gate which precedes the English Heritage ferry boat to the 'Hermitage'. Follow the path up to the slight hill on the left and it leads to a paved road - bear to the left again, and beware of vehicles as it is the road used by the Water Works. You will see an opening on the left to a field path and a dog bin, behind the houses in the Morwick Road. This path continues to another field, and you will see the castle and the sea in the distance. Continue along this path. There are steps down to the moat and the lower path - if you can't do steps, go to the right of the castle and you can walk down to the main road. Follow the path alongside the castle and you will find another dog bin and you are at the top of Castle Street. My dog normally likes to end this walk by crossing the road and going down the alley behind Roxboro House - coming out at the Millenium Garden at the bottom of the village. We then go to the Black Bull and he has a biscuit from Dave and a drink of water!
Posted by: sharon williams   
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