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Weetslade Country Park, Newcastle
When I moved to Newcastle from my previously more rural location, I was so happy to find somewhere nearby where my dogs could free run happily and safely. This beautiful nature reserve park is located Between Wide Open and Dudley, at the junction B1319 /A189 just north of Gosforth Park. There are many routes you can take in the 43.00 hectare area, either sticking to the purpose made paths (Ideal if you are a young Mother with a pushchair or a wheelchair user) or going off road and even access around local farm land is granted, providing you keep to the paths. The walk can also extend down the cycle routes for another good mile. It is a former colliery site, this reserve has been extensively landscaped to create a wildife haven on the edge of the city with a hill, grassland, scrub, reedbed and woodland areas. There are ponds that although are restricted access, the dogs tend to go down for a drink or a paddle in the warm weather! The park is open all year, 24/7 and well maintained by the Wildlife Trust. Walkers are expected to pick up their dogs poop and litter is collected daily. There is ample parking and disabled spaces available. It does get busy in the summer, walking groups, picnicers and wildlife enthusiasts tend to accumulate when the sun shines, I tend to go early and have a park almost all to myself! Lovely!
Posted by: Antonia Sumner   
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My favourite walk
This is my all time favourite place to dog walk in Newcastle. My own dogs and my dog walking groups all love it as well. There are plenty of routes you can take, depending on the weather and the dogs you have with you. My poodle very much enjoys searching the gorse bushes while my collies like to run and run in the wide open spaces. I always enjoy the sight of the kestrels searching for food. If you make it to the top of the pit heap, look out for the unique metal sculpture or sit at the picnic tables and enjoy the view - on a good day you can see for miles. There are also a few picnic tables near the car park or along the main path where you can enjoy a snack after a walk, or simply sit and enjoy the sunshine. Look out for the highland cattle and their calf, they are always a welcome sight.
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